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Int. Salsa On1 by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez

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Int. Salsa On1 by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez
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Salsa on1
Int. Salsa On1 by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez

Int. Salsa On1 by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez

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Cha cha cha LIVE Class Beg./Int. by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez

Cha cha cha LIVE Class Beg./Int. by Marco Rosas & Maira Jimenez

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Advanced Footwork On1 by Marco Rosas

Advanced Footwork On1 by Marco Rosas

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Intermediate Footwork On1 by Marco Rosas

Intermediate Footwork On1 by Marco Rosas

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Marco and Brenda Huey-Rosas.
Marco, current Pro World Salsa Champion with Omambo Dance Project, is a professional Latin Dance instructor, competitor, choreographer, and dancer. He is the founder and director of Passion y Tumbao Dance Company, where he is teaching beginners, intermediate, and advanced dancers, as well as building teams to perform at nightclubs, events, festivals, and congresses. Marco has also instructed teams and students that have brought home gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Emerald Ball Competitions for the past few years. Recently, Marco placed 2nd in the World Latin Cup 2011 Competitions in Salsa and first on a Pro team in salsa for the 2015 World Latin Cup. His student teams of kids have taken home silver and bronze for the World Latin Dance Cup 2016. This year they have brought home, the Champion of Champions, Gold, Silver, and Bronze for teams, duets, and solo competitions in different categories at the Latin Mirage International Dance Competition in Los Angeles.
He loves teaching and sharing his passion for dance with his students both young and old. He says, “Most of all I like helping students enjoy dance as a hobby or just giving them a safe place to leave the rest of the world behind them.”
Marco was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, where he entered into the world of dance.
From dancing merengue and other Mexican dances at family parties, he then became a boy focusing mainly on breakdancing and hip hop.
When he moved to LA, his uncle exposed him to salsa classes. Going to the salsa clubs, he was impressed with the awesome dancers, and vowed to become just like them one day. Later, to add to his repertoire of styles, Marco then took intensive courses in all the ballroom styles to become a ballroom instructor. In 2011, Marco ventured off to start his own dance company Passion y Tumbao and dance studio. Passion y Tumbao is continuing to grow in size and level. Passion y Tumbao is now a home of champions and has put Anaheim on the map for salsa.
Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It has not been a smooth road. Starting a business is very difficult. It takes an infusion of capital as well has support from others. We have been very lucky to have parents of the students in our company invest both time and money to see us become successful. After five years, the studio is able to finally pay for itself. After five years as well, our students are good enough to be known at different salsa congresses in the world and win different medals at the World Latin Dance Cup and local competitions. This has definitely been a labor of love where most of the time my wife and I volunteer our time to the kids to keep the studio afloat. We would not have it any other way though. Trials only make us stronger in the end. We need to enjoy the journey.
Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Passion y Tumbao – what should we know?
Passion y Tumbao with its partner OCAC is a non-profit organization that serves the community of Anaheim, CA. We are here to give kids a safe but affordable place to dance. Kids who want to dance can grow with our company and later dance on the world stage. For every kid in our studio that is one kid of the streets.
Passion y Tumbao is a Latin dance company, and we specialize in mainly salsa but also bachata, merengue, and chacha. Although we have adult classes and an adult student performing team, we specialize in Latin dancing with kids. Our kids are the heart of our company. We are known for having an “army” of kids that dance at a high level. We love to create productions where kids at different levels will perform together. We also have different teams for different age groups from kids, to juniors, to teens. Our newest team is our toddler team for kids ages 2.5 to age 8. This team includes our 2-year-old daughter.
We are most proud of bringing salsa routines of quality to different congresses and competitions but also creating well-rounded dancers of ballet, hip hop, and tumbling. In some of our “fun” routines we will mix different styles together to bring sometime more unique.
What sets us apart from others is we are a family business, with a lot of love for those who come to us. We are more than a business and dance program. We are here for the people as well.
Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Our success is built on pure passion for our art and the people in our company. Loyalty to different salsa icons in the world has taken us a long way. We always want to be better .

Contact Info:

Address: 1830 W. Lincoln Ave., Unit B, Anaheim, Ca 92801


Phone: 415-713-2218 or 562-852-5332 espanol



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